Despite his wounds, he returned to his position, assisted his men, and refused medical attention until all of his wounded comrades had been treated and evacuated. The first post-Vietnam Medal of Honor recipients were two Delta Force snipers, MSG Gary Gordon and SFC Randy Shughart, who volunteered to defend a downed helicopter pilot in the 1993 Battle of … Captain Humbert Roque Versace was the first recipient of the Medal of Honor to be given to an Army POW for his actions during captivity in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. The unknown soldier from the Vietnam War who was buried in the Tomb of the Unknowns was authorized a Medal of Honor and in 1998 was identified as 1st Lieutenant Michael Blassie, USAF. Authorized on February 4, 1944, the Bronze Star Medal is awarded to members of all branches of military service. .mw-parser-output .legend{page-break-inside:avoid;break-inside:avoid-column}.mw-parser-output .legend-color{display:inline-block;min-width:1.25em;height:1.25em;line-height:1.25;margin:1px 0;text-align:center;border:1px solid black;background-color:transparent;color:black}.mw-parser-output .legend-text{}  Grey background and  † indicates that the Medal of Honor was awarded posthumously.All locations are in South Vietnam (Republic of Vietnam) unless otherwise stated. Our list below is incomplete and contains only the Army recipients we have … It is a foreign medal created by the Vietnamese government that was authorized for wear on American troops as of December 1966 for their service in Vietnam. Vietnam Service Medal: Instituted by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1665 to all those who served in the Vietnam theater including Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. Although wounded, he directed fire onto enemy positions and rescued several wounded soldiers. Rank: Staff Sergeant (Highest Rank: Sergeant First Class) Conflict/Era: Vietnam War Unit/Command: Company D, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 1st Special Forces; Military Service Branch: U.S. Army Medal of Honor Action Date: September 17, 1969 Medal of Honor Action Place: Chi Lang, Republic of Vietnam For the rescue of a six-man special forces unit. Rank: Staff Sergeant (Highest Rank: First Sergeant) Conflict/Era: Vietnam War Unit/Command: Company B, 4th Battalion, 21st Infantry, 11th Infantry Brigade, Americal Division; Military Service Branch: U.S. Army Medal of Honor Action Date: August 26, 1968 Medal of Honor Action Place: west of Tam Ky, Republic of Vietnam Although already wounded, he sacrificed his life to save other soldiers who were pinned down by silencing two enemy gun emplacements and diving into a third with a grenade. Placed himself between an enemy grenade and his shipmates, absorbing most of the blast fragments with his own body in order to protect his shipmates from injury and death. While wounded he secured a machine gun and fired on the enemy, refusing evacuation until his injured comrades were taken. For the rescue of 29 American and South Vietnamese soldiers from a heavily fortified enemy training area without any cover or gunship support. For his courageous actions while serving as radio telephone operator in Company C, 1st Battalion (Airmobile), 501st Infantry, 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile) during search and clear mission. Led his men in the seizure of enemy ammunition and supplies and continued to counterattack the enemy using artillery fire and air support. The war was fought between the Communist-supported Democratic Republic of Vietnam and the United States-supported Republic of Vietnam, beginning with the presence of a small number of US military advisors in 1955 and escalating into direct US involvement in a ground war in 1965. For falling on a grenade to save his comrades. After DNA testing confirmed his identity, the remains were removed from the tomb and returned to Blassie's family, but the Medal of Honor did not transfer with him. Repeatedly attacked the enemy and although severely wounded risked his life to rescue several wounded soldiers, For using his body to shield a fellow Marine from a grenade blast, Repeatedly attacked and defended his unit from enemy fire and assisted 8 wounded men who were trapped behind enemy lines, Killed while attacking a group of enemy soldiers, Provided medical treatment to fellow soldiers while under heavy fire, despite being wounded twice, during, Repeatedly exposed himself to enemy fire to man several different machine-guns until the enemy had been fought back, For smothering explosive blasts with his body to protect those around him, Risked his life to fly his heavily damaged plane back to base to relay the location of a downed pilot, Sacrificed his life to save other soldiers by smothering a grenade with his body, For smothering an explosive blast with his body to protect those around him. Sacrificed his life to save several fellow Marines by diving on a grenade and absorbing the explosion with his body, His actions resulted in 14 confirmed Viet Cong killed in action and possibly 25 more, the capture of 20 prisoners, 15 weapons, and the rescue of the 14 United States and free world civilians. This List will also contain the names of Recipients authorized the following wound and injury Awards: Vietnam War Wound Medal Merchant Marine Mariners Medal Wound Ribbon of World War I Korean War Wound Medal … Medals of America proudly carries official Vietnam War medals and ribbons as well as commemorative medals for veterans and their families. The ribbon is authorized for three devices: the arrowhead device, a service (campaign) star, and a Fleet Marine Force combat operation insignia. Make sure to have documentation and a DD214 (if available) ready for the Military Award Specialist to help you look over! Sacrificed himself to save others by smothering an enemy grenade with his body, For refusing evacuation while tending wounded and defending the unit's position, Risked his life to assist a group of Marines who had been attacked by a larger enemy force. For smothering a grenade blast with his body to protect those around him. The medals listed below have corresponding ribbons with attachments if applicable. The first Medal of Honor presentation for Vietnam was to Captain Roger Donlon for actions on 6 July 1964 as commanding officer of the U.S. Army Special Forces Detachment defending Camp Nam Dong against a Viet Cong attack. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Army. Sacrificed his life to save several of his fellow Marines by smothering a grenade with his body, For defending his 42-man unit from hundreds of attacking Viet Cong, For actions as a prisoner of war from August 26, 1967 – March 4, 1973, Sacrificed his life and saved several Marines by blocking them from the blast of a grenade, Flew repeated close range strikes to silence enemy defensive positions, ignoring overwhelming firepower and damage to his own aircraft, Sacrificed his life to draw the enemy fire upon himself allowing a trapped squad to rejoin their platoon. Many Americans also received declarations and certificates upon receiving awards and medals. The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor is a New York State owned and operated facility administered by the Palisades Interstate Park Commission. Ray … Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry: Also known as the Vietnamese Gallantry Cross, or Vietnam Cross of Gallantry this was instituted by the former government of South Vietnam in August of 1950. It was awarded by South Vietnam to allied forces who performed outstanding achievements in the civil action field. Find recipients of the Purple Heart, Medal of Honor, and other military medals in our database of U.S. conflicts, including WW2, Vietnam, and the Gulf War. For smothering a grenade blast with his body to protect those around him, For a series of daring and valorous actions despite severe wounds, Sacrificed his life to save the life of his passenger. Killed after attacking an enemy force with rifle fire and grenades. The certificates that pertain to Vietnam are: Medals of America provides high quality medals that are never surplus, always uniform ready, and designed and crafted to military specifications. He killed three and wounded several others. Continued to lead his squad, fight the enemy, and help the wounded despite being wounded himself four separate times. Although severely wounded multiple times by enemy fire, he continued to throw grenades at an enemy bunker until it was destroyed and he was killed by enemy gunfire. Killed while defending his wounded comrades from the enemy and delivered effective suppressive fire in order to divert the Viet Cong long enough to allow the casualties to be evacuated. For destroying three enemy bunkers with grenades and rifle fire, helping to secure an enemy supply cache and directing his men after being seriously wounded. Sacrificed his life by smothering a mine with his body, Killed after repeatedly attacking and defeating the enemy. The recipients must have distinguished themselves at the risk of their own life above and beyond the call of duty in action against an enemy of the United States. RVN Campaign Medal with 1960 Device: The medal has been used in the First Indochina War from March 1949 to July 1954, and the Second Indochina War from March 1966 to the end of Vietnamese War. Used his body as a shield to protect others in a bunker, moved two wounded men to a safer position where they could be given medical treatment and destroyed an enemy machine gun position before being killed. The recipients … After receiving the medal… The Fleet Marine Force insignia is for Navy personnel assigned to a Marine Corps unit during combat. Despite being wounded in the wrist, he again exposed himself to enemy fire and was fatally shot. Vargas requested that his mother's name, M. Sando Vargas, Jr., be engraved on the medal and added to the rolls. He refused to be evacuated until his men were safe. Risked his life by rescuing three injured squad members and then led his squad to attack and destroy a heavily fortified enemy bunker complex. Risked his life by smothering a grenade with his own body, Threw himself on a grenade to save fellow Marines. Vietnam War drama "The Last Full Measure" is an inspiring story that will remind you of the best qualities an American can display. Sacrificed his life by smothering a grenade with his body, Sacrificed his life in an attempt to defuse a claymore mine. Single-handedly destroyed an enemy bunker, rescued a wounded comrade from under heavy fire, and attacked and destroyed two more bunkers by himself before being mortally wounded while attacking a fourth bunker. Risked his life to direct artillery and air support by day and marked the unit's location by night; despite enemy fire he led his men against the enemy until help arrived. Reflecting the feelings of gratitude and admiration and honoring the service and sacrifices of the brave servicemen and women is important to Medals of America. Zabitosky directed the defense until rescue helicopters arrived, and when the helicopter that was to extract him from the battlefield crashed, he ignored his own injuries to save the downed craft's pilot. For falling on a grenade to save his comrades and is one of five Puerto Ricans who have been posthumously presented with the Medal of Honor. The different versions are Gallantry Cross with Palm, Gallantry Cross with Silver Star, with Gallantry Cross with Gold Star, and Gallantry Cross with Bronze Star. However, former service … The first African American recipient of the war was Milton L. Olive III who sacrificed himself to save others by smothering a grenade with his body. [5] Riley L. Pitts was killed after attacking an enemy force with rifle fire and grenades and was the first African American commissioned officer of the war to receive the medal. Saved wounded Americans on a search and clear operation, Although wounded he directed fire on enemy positions and continued to fight until he died from his wounds, Was killed while attempting to rescue a wounded soldier from a personnel carrier. Against overwhelming odds, several times Williams led his PBRs (Patrol Boats, River) against concentrations of enemy junks and sampans. The only Canadian recipient since World War II, and one of only four since 1900. It took an act of Congress for Etchberger to be reconsidered for this 2010 Medal of Honor, since the existence of Lima Site 85 had to be kept secret in 1968. For letting a Vietnamese soldier take his spot in a helicopter rescue, while he stayed behind to attempt to hold off advancing Viet Cong by which he was overrun. Now that time has passed, the attitudes and feelings towards Vietnam veterans has changed to feelings of gratitude and admiration.

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